Contouring for Brides and Black Skin

Contouring for Brides should be all about subtle definition, Its all about creating an illusion, it shouldn’t be blatantly obvious.

Extreme contouring is mostly used for Editorial, fashion and for catwalk.

During my Bridal Consultations I normally get asked if contouring for brides is a do or don’t? I always try to explain its necessity. Using just one colour on the face gives a flat appearance.

The Concept of ‘Highlighting and Contouring’ used to be a secret technique used by Makeup Artist to define the facial Features. Thanks to Social Media especially Instagram and YouTube, its now a top trend all over the world.

Should this technique be used on a bride? Maybe we should tackle the meaning first. Contouring means to give shape and definition to an area of the face, Highlighting means to give prominence and call attention to an area of the face.

Do I contour my brides? Yes. The key word here is ‘Subtle Definition’. For instance, I can draw attention to your eyes while removing dark under-eye circles.

Contouring for Black Skin

Contouring for Brides and Black skin

Contouring for Brides also have a very important element which most people don’t take into consideration…All brides have different unique features, hence cannot be contoured and highlighted in the same manner.

This is one of the problems I found with this trend on Social Media. I found there is a one dimensional guideline which alot of people seem to follow even when it does not suit them. Why will someone with a small forehead want to contour their forehead? ‘blank stare’

When I meet my bridal clients, I can instantly tell their best features and when working on them I use a cross section of products from liquid lustres, powder shimmers, foundations and matte contour powders to bring out their best features.

For my even darker skinned clients – MAC NW55 to a MAC Matchmaster 9.5 I give more emphasis to highlighting than contouring. I also work at giving the skin a 3d effect by working with 3 different shades of foundation to create that beautiful definition to the face.

Do you contour? Do let me know 🙂

Image Credits
Photography – Abi Oshodi

Makeup – Joy Adenuga