Wedding Trial – Bayode

Bayode contacted me months ago about her 2015 wedding. Unfortunately due to my packed diary we couldn’t decide on date. We had to reschedule her Wedding Trial many times till we agreed on a final date.

Am really blessed with kind and thoughtful clients, Bayode drove out in the ice cold weather to pick me up at her train station and brought me to her home. Thanks Bayode xx

Our Wedding Trial session started inside the car as she drove. I quizzed her on her skin care regime, products she used both day and night including her makeup regime. I gave my own recommendations and regime to kick start the journey to having Beautiful glowing skin before the date of her wedding.

When we arrived, I set up and the consultation session began…

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Bayode’s Wedding Trial

I evaluated her face properly and started from her brows which was a bit scarce. Advice was given to achieving a thicker brow before her wedding and we moved on the eyes. I straightway noticed she had the most gorgeous eyes and knew I would want to bring those features out. Bayode had already sent me images of the sort of eye looks she preferred so I recreated some of the visuals she had sent, tailoring it to suit her eye shape and skin undertones. I used a cocktail of gold and champagne shades to bring out her eyes. This was further emphasized with wispy lashes which just made her eyes pop!

Bayode's Wedding Consultation

Bayode’s Wedding Trial

When we finished up on the eyes, I moved to the skin. She had a couple of blemishes which I corrected and concealed. I then buffed in my foundation and highlighted under her eyes, brows and cheekbones. I set these with loose powder and gave some definition to her face by Contouring and highlighting her features. A sweep of berry toned blush completed my skin work.

Finished off our Wedding Trial session by tracing her lips with a dark brown lip pencil and a slick of nude pink. This was topped off with a pink gloss for a sultry finish.

Bayode's Wedding Consultation

Bayode’s Wedding Trial Look

Will do a more detailed post with products used after the wedding 😉