Bridal Consultations – What to expect

Your wedding is a huge and memorable day of your life, you want to ensure your day is beautiful and Relaxed. An important step to ensuring this? Having your makeup look planned before your big day.

Most brides skip this step with some understandable reasons but its very important to see before hand what you will look like on your big day. Do not forget that the wedding pictures will be there for a lifetime, you want to look at your images with a huge smile instead of regret…

So what is involved in a trial…

  • Firstly research whom you want to give this job to making sure you are happy with their portfolio of work.
  • Discuss with the chosen make-up artist your preference, its important to send across images/visuals that best describe the look you want achieved. From experience the term ‘I just want to look natural and gorgeous’ can be interpreted in many ways so images can help the make-up artist see your vision.
  • The best date to have the trial can be a hit or miss. I’ve had brides do trials a year ahead but get influenced by trending looks on social media and have another trial a month to the wedding to change the look. I’ve also seen brides that book their trials with other makeup artists just a month to their wedding, not happy and call me last minute for a trial but I am not available. A minimum of 6 months before the wedding seems like a safe bet.
  • On the set trial day, arrive with professional groomed brows and a clear skin free of makeup. This gives the makeup artist a good base to work on.
  • Discuss your regular regime, both skin care and makeup. I personally give recommendations on changing your skin care regime to achieve a beautiful glowing skin before your wedding day.
  • Go over discussed images as a particular look will look different on various people due to facial features. Its up to the makeup artist to suggest and try out a look tailored and perfect for your facial features.
  • Its advisable to try out at least 2 looks before making a decision.
  • Take some images of the trial look in natural light. Indoor lighting can be deceiving.
  • If you are satisfied, wear the look for the rest of the day to test out the longevity of the makeup.
  • If you are happy do go ahead with the booking but if not then book with a different artist. Its expensive trying out several Makeup artists, To avoid this happening, make sure you research the the makeup artist before booking a trial.


Finally, please be open minded to your artist’s recommendations and suggestions. Sometimes we all get stuck in a particular routine and though it may not be what you do “everyday” remember that a makeup artist do this for a living, having spent thousands of pounds and Months/Years in training. They know how certain colors and intensities will read in pictures and how different lighting situations can affect a particular “look”.

We all want you to look and feel like ‘yourself’, but with a va va voom effect 🙂


Featured Image

Photography – Abi Oshodi

Makeup – Joy Adenuga


Content Image

Photography/hair – Andree Marie

Makeup – Joy Adenuga