Bridal Pink on Black Skin

Most dark skinned brides find Bridal Pink on black skin quite intimidating, but that’s not the case. Its actually quite a stunning and a beautiful colour. Don’t forget dark skin can carry off intense colours, just try to avoid extremely light and pale shades as they are extremely unflattering.

The image with this article was taken by Photographer – Abi Oshodi  and it was on one of my recent bridal shoots. I was finishing up on the lip colour when the photo was taken. I promise I don’t normally match my clients lip colour to my nails 😉 That was just pure coincidence, I do like the effect though 🙂

Still on the colour pink, its a universal colour that can be sheared down or turned up to suit your skin tone. You don’t obviously have to do the whole match the lips to the eyes scheme. This was for a Bridal shoot and I wanted a really bright effect.

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You can play with various hues of pinks, mix a bit of lavender and purple like I did and leave the lips nude. Or go really bright of the lips and keep the eyes really soft. But of course you can amp it up and get the full glam effect by recreating what I did.

My only advice to this look is to have a consultation/trial with your chosen Bridal Makeup Artist to recreate the look and make sure you are comfortable with it.

The shades has to be customised to work with your skin tone.

I literally cant wait to share the final images from this shoot! It will be published in my Beauty Column for the Bridal Issue of Black Beauty and Hair Magazine. This can be purchased from Leading News agents around the United Kingdom like WHSMITH. Am not sure of the date but probably in March or April 2015. In the column I will give a break down of how I created the look including products used.

Have a beautiful weekend!